We are familiar with all 3 types of grease interceptor replacement jobs: above ground, in ground and overhead units.

Many decisions have to be made when choosing a new grease trap. The cheapest way is to go with an exact match because there will be less plumbing involved to make it fit.

Most restaurants have metal grease traps in the ground that develop leaks due to corrosion. We have seen many cases of fly infestation due to grease leaking into the ground under the foundation. To replace an inground unit the most important thing to keep in mind is that the new one will have to be perfectly flush with the floor to avoid creating a tripping hazard. Therefore it can be difficult to find any composite units with the exact same height of the inlet-outlet pipes in relation to the lid.

Above ground grease traps are the easiest to replace.

One more important thing to keep in mind: You should have an experienced grease trap cleaning company like Pronto install or replace your grease traps because we know best how to make it serviceable in the future.

When you need grease trap replacement services in Calgary, our friendly and well trained staff will ensure all of your needs are handled quickly and efficiently. And we’ll do it cost-effectively too!