RAPID TEMPERATURE CHANGES CAN CATCH YOU OFF GUARD LEADING TO FROZEN WATER LINES. Calgary’s intense weather changes can often create snow and ice build-up in your pipes and drains causing flooding, burst pipes and a host of other problems. When you need frozen drain clearing in Calgary, we can thaw a frozen water line, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water supply pipes ranging in size from as small as ¾’’ and up to 36’’. When a flat roof is holding water, a common misconception is that the roof drain on top of the building is clogged. We are experienced enough to know that 99% of the time it's the catch basin in the middle of the parking lot that's actually packed full of snow and ice, causing a pool of water to accumulate on top of the roof. ​A flooded parking lot is also caused by the same problem. All winter long vehicles are driving over the catch basin cover packing in snow, this eventually forms a large ice blockage to inside the drain. We are the leading plumbing company in Calgary capable of thawing these ice blockages with our Hydro-Jetting truck that's equipped with a kerosene burning boiler to instantly heat the pressurized water coming out of the jetter nozzle. Whether you’ve got an ice build up in your catch basin or drain, or frozen water pipes or lines, you can trust Pronto to thaw away the problem without any headaches or creating additional problems for you!