WHAT IS A DRYWELL? A drywell is a storm sewer catch basin that is designed to slowly seep rainwater into the ground in neighbourhoods where the city main connection is unavailable to tie into. It's okay if you have a drywell on your property because there are 1000’s across the city just like it. It’s also quite common for them to need servicing to keep them functioning properly. Drywell restoration needs to be expertly completed with the right equipment. The key is to hire a contractor with a powerful suction truck to properly clean the base of the drywell all the way to the bottom of the concrete cylinder. NOT ANY TYPE OF VAC TRUCK will do. You need one with a lot of suction that can pick up boulders, mud, road debris and garbage that is often found inside drywells. ​Our vac system uses an 8600CFM fan. It’s capable of sucking up bricks if it has to!

Another very important component of drywell restoration is a high-pressure wash unit that uses low volume water. This will help to keep dumping fees to a minimum. We are always looking for ways to save our customers money on their projects and with ongoing operating and maintenance costs. Also, keep in mind that this type of work is very technical. For example, if the base of the drywell is sucked out past the bottom of the concrete cylinder, a sinkhole will paper in the asphalt during the next heavy rainfall. Trust Pronto to do this type of work. We live for this stuff! So if you have a drywell in your parking lot that you are ready to give up on because nobody seems to be able to get it to work properly, contact us today for an estimate. We’ll get you fixed up without causing any future headaches!