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INSPECT THE INSIDE INTEGRITY OF A SEWER PIPELINE? Pronto owns Sewer Camera Inspection tools of all sizes to serve each of our Calgary customer's needs. Large or small, we have the equipment with us to figure out exactly where the issue is so it can be efficiently resolved. Small drains up to 3'' such as kitchen sink stacks are inspected by our micro camera systems Building mains up to 6'' are inspected by our mainline push rod systems Large diameter pipeline in between manholes and catch basins are inspected by our robotic CCTV crawler. Underground Storm & Sewer Pipeline Camera Inspection We have a CCTV robotic crawler camera system to be able to inspect large diameter underground pipelines for our customers. If you have a sewer manhole or catch basin that requires video inspection looking for tree root intrusions, misaligned joints, sags or crushed pipes, you can trust us to do the work! We’ve got the tools and expertise to get the job done right the first time!

How reliable are Prontos camerea inspection abilities?

Prontos Camera inspection abilities are so reliable tha, every service truck of ours is outfitted with pipeline inspection camera. Since we specialize in plumbing and drain maintenance. If We can see where the problem is that's causing our customers stress by reoccurring sewer backups, that means we can fix it.

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Buying a home, and in need of an inspection on short notice?

What are the wildest things people find inside drain pipes with the camera inspection tools?

The wildest things people find inside drain pipes with the camera inspection tools are Alligators! But thankfully we are in Alberta, not Florida. Ha! Thank god for those cold winters we have here in Calgary. However we do enter storm sewer manholes with caution, you never know if there could be a raccoon hiding out inside of the pipe just a few feet in, and believe me I wouldn't wanna be stuck in there with any size wild animal. Oh! And one time our operations manager Dan, found some fish inside the storm drain, he put them in a plastic bag and took them home to live safely in an aquarium happily ever after.

What exactly are we looking for when camera inspecting drains?

We are looking for misaligned joints, slipped joints, tree root intrusions, sags, and collapsed sections of pipe where we can see the outside ground potentially getting inside your very important sewer utility pipe.

Did you know that most of the other plumbing companies in Calgary call us for help when they have trouble with a drain?

That’s right! Pronto Inc has a good relationship with most of its competitors, and we work for other plumbing companies regularly.

We are the best in the business. Everybody knows that.