Restaurant Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Calgary.

Pronto Inc. has more than 17 years of experience in maintaining the flow of sewer systems of restaurants. 

We offer a variety of solutions for clearing clogged drains as well as cleaning grease traps and doing essential plumbing repairs, helping you operate your commercial kitchen. 

Competitively priced grease trap cleaning.

Helping you comply with the city bylaws by keeping service records, and hauling the liquid waste to the Calgary waster treatment plant. Learn more here

Hot Water Jetting.

Are those stubborn grease blockages causing you recurring sewer back-ups, even tho your favourite plumber just cleared the recently? 

Hot water jetting is a specialty that only a few companies in Calgary have the equipment to offer. Let us blast those clumps of grease out of your pipes once and for all, completely restoring the flow. Learn more here