Power Flusher Calgary


Pronto Inc. has several Flushing units ready to go 24/7

If you have a major sewer back up at a condominium complex, industrial plant, apartment building, or trailer park, we are available to be dispatched at a moment's notice.

Our Hydrovac Flusher is a combo unit that can vacuum extract debris out of the manhole or catch basin to haul it away to a City Of Calgary approved disposal site. The specs are 50 GPM 3000 PSI that the pump is capable of putting out, and the Vac Fan is 8600CFM.

We got the hydraulic root cutter attachments to mount on the end of the jetter hose in case you have tree root intrusion inside the Storm or Sanitary pipeline.   


Robotic Crawlers are also available to camera inspect those large diameter underground pipelines.

Maybe you need something a little bit more lightweight? For that we have a trailer mount flusher, it's rated at 40GPM 2000PSI



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