Hey, you wanna do some parkade sweeping? Alright, let’s do it!

We have a nice PowerBoss sweeper with low hours and just enough experience to knock out an average size parkade first thing in the morning. 

Well at least before noon if we have complications with turning on the parkade fans!

Oh did you know, that Pronto doesn’t need your Make-Up Air contractor to come turn on the exhaust fans? Hell no! We have the technical know-how to manually override the sensors if necessary. 

What other details would you like to know about the procedure? 

-We tape up the sensors to keep the dust-out, because you know those are like $1500 each if they get damaged. And you probably have 4 of them

-We call the fire department to let them know some work is taking place in the parkade kicking up some dust, and if the fire alarm does go off, please do not send the entire fire brigade, cause we got it under control!

What about power washing? Yeah, we do that too.