Lift-Station Troubleshooting

Are you looking for a reliable team to call for sanitary or storm wastewater lift-station troubleshooting in Calgary?

In most cases a wastewater lift stations job is to pump sanitary or storm sewer water up from the basement of a building to the main drain, where the building is deeper then the sewer main going out to the city.



During the 17 years of providing vacuum truck service to clear sludge accumulation out of these sumps we have become very experienced in working with submersible pumps, and control panel testing.



In fact we are one of few companies in Calgary capable of doing the job start to finish, and we are proud to say that when our customers do end up having to pay for a new pump at least they know that the sump pit is 100% clean of sludge, silt, road debris, and foreign objects. this ensures that the new pump is set properly in a clean environment, therefore it will last a long time. 




Control panel testing is also part of the job because most often when we are called to an emergency where water is backing up all over the basement floor, we have to be able to check the operation of the control panel by using a multimeter tool to check for fuses, relays, and amperage draw of the pumps to make sure that electrically everything is operating correctly. 



If and when parts are needed, we do have accounts with specialty suppliers and in case of afterhours emergencies they do open up the store for us 24/7.