A kitchen sink stack is a vertical drain pipe. Anytime anyone rinses something down the drain, including soap, dirty dishwater, grease, fats, oils, meat trimming and vegetable waste, it flows down the drain pipe and into the sewer system. If enough fat, grease, oils and solids are poured down the drains, they will start to congeal as they cool, resulting in slow drains for multiple units and partial and complete clogs for some, typically those on the main floor. If the clog is severe enough, it can cause the pipe to backup. Kitchen sink stacks in multi-unit buildings can be tricky to manage. The key to keeping everything running smoothly is regular maintenance completed by experts who can ensure this build-up is cleared. And that the maintenance itself doesn’t cause further issues.

Over time, a kitchen sink stack can accumulate fat, oil and grease build-up resulting in sewer backups. A regular maintenance program for kitchen sink stack cleaning completed every 3-5 years is necessary to clear the accumulation.

We specialize in restoring the flow of these stacks by feeding a drain cleaning machine from the top of the stack all the way down into the building sewer main. This way the entire stack is cleaned thoroughly and any build-up is removed.

Kitchen stack cleaning experts know how to complete this procedure for your building without causing disruption and sewer backups during the process!

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