Have you got one of those stubborn restaurant grease lines, or frozen sewer mains needing to be steamed?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Our steamer truck was specifically built for the harsh weather conditions of Alberta. We can thaw frozen water lines and clear frozen drain pipes quickly without causing swelling or damage to your existing pipes and lines.

Not every hot jet truck can handle the harshest temperatures, larger pipelines or difficult conditions, but ours can. We specifically procure equipment that can handle large industrial jobs, as well as smaller pipelines in homes and businesses.

Stubborn grease lines can be a very frustrating issue for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Until you get your grease traps completely clean, you’ll continue to have back-ups and clogs. By hot jetting your lines, you can clear away challenging problems so they don’t keep coming back to haunt you. A routine service every few years should keep your grease lines flowing freely so your business doesn’t have interruptions.

At Pronto, we are here to help solve even your toughest plumbing and sewer maintenance problems so you can get back to work. We don’t want you to waste your time having multiple companies try to fix stubborn issues. Call us the first time and you won’t need to make another call – We will handle it the first time with the right equipment and the right experience!

Call us today to schedule our Hot Jet Truck for your needs!