Walsh Ave, Acme 

Jun 15, 2020

Power flushing clogged manhole by house  #704.


image000000001 (1).jpg

During the flushing procedure gravel was washing out of the pipe.


We used a 40GPM 2000PSI flusher to clear the pipe.

Felt a rough spot in about 80 feet and we suspect the pipe is broken.

Crawler camera work is scheduled for Wednesday June 17th.

Camera Inspection Report

0.0m  Start

0.10m  Belly Starts

10.4m  Belly Ends

19.8m  Y from 3 o'clock

22.4m  Y from 9 o'clock

40.1m  End Run

0.0m  Start

14.1m  Y from 3 o'clock

25.4m  Y from 3 o'clock

41.1m  Y from 3 o'clock

51.2m  Y from 3 o'clock

58.4m  End Run

0.0m  Start

54.4m  End Run

4.50m  Y from 9 o'clock

21.30m  Y from 9 o'clock

31.8m  Y from 3 o'clock

32.1m  Y from 9 o'clock

53.5m  Y from 3 o'clock