3709 26 Ave NE

Saturday Sewer Emergency Call. Flooded Cannabis store

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Cross-connection of sanitary sewer tied into the storm sewer system caused VINCANNA store to flood during the heavy rain fall

Field Report

On site with a service truck at 8 p.m. entered venkanna cannabis talked with the owner and I saw the problem ,it looked like sand and gravel blew up through the floor drain ,toilet ,bathroom sink in this store only, I checked the other stores that were open, Dairy Queen had a roof leak , but no one else seemed to be affected on the sanitary Main, so I chose to remove the toilet in the cannabis store and attempted to Auger to the manhole and after approximately 100 ft we confirmed that it was not tying into the sanitary manhole that the rest of the mall is on, and then John checked the storm sewer and you can hear my cable loud and clear this confirms that there is a cross connection the sanitary in that bathroom is tying into a storm sewer and all the damage was caused by overloaded system and they have been using the sewer since they opened, and there is no doubt fecal coliforms in the water that backed up in the store, this must be carefully cleaned up as it is considered a sanitary backup due to the Cross connection. We shall return to locate where the cross connection is and it will have to be re-routed to a sanitary sewer buy Excavating and physically changing for this reason I cannot reset the toilet and they cannot use the sewer as it is. upon arrival I checked the sanitary sewer and it is in poor shape and I recommend power Flushing the manholes, and auger and steam sanitary system from inside as well. Leaving site at 9:30 p.m.


Return visit to Locate and Camera Inspect

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Totally unrelated to the flood. 

During the camera inspection procedure of the sanitary sewer system from Pizza 73 we found a slipped joint.

The pipe is several inches apart at the connection. dirt and gravel is visible around the pipeline.

Also: The sanitary sewer main of the entire building has a considerable amount of grease build up in it.


Located both storm and sanitary sewer main in the hallway. The sanitary sewer in 3'6'' deep.

Confirmed the entire washroom group is connected to the storm sewer.